Skittles Counting Chart

Skittles Counting Chart

This fun math activity will allow students to learn how to count and at the same time to help reinforce the notion of colors. The students graph the Skittles by color; graph all the candies that they have in their bags. In addition at the bottom of the chart they write the number that matches their count in each color.


  1. A graph with the different colors (You can use Skittle,
  2. We used Skittle, but you can use different candies like M&M’s, Gummy Bears etc.


1.  Pass out a bag of Skittle to every child in the class.

2. Ask them to put the colored Skittle on the correct spot on their graph.

3. Ask them to sort the Skittles by colors. Then ask the students count how many yellow, how many blue, how many red, and so on…

4. Ask them to write the number that corresponded to their count at the bottom of the chart.

5. As an additional reinforcement of counting by colors teachers can make a chart showing the students’ favorite color/flavor of Skittles. Make a list of their favorites.

This is a very sweet way of learning about colors, counting, writing numbers and displaying data in a graph.

Counting and Sorting Skittles Chart: ready to print and use in your classroom.

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  1. Ms Franky; I am thankful for all that you do. All of your creative ideas, has allowed students to receive the foundation they need for Kindergarden, but they have had a wonderful time doing so.

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