Calling 911

Stop Drop and Roll

The students understood the safety procedures in case of fire, and they were very involved in their roles. They wanted to perform their part in the play in their best way possible. You can see in the pictures how much fun they were having, and how highly motivated they were. For example, at the end everyone was demonstrating the safety procedures “Stop, Drop and Roll.” While at the same time they were repeating these procedures proving that they had fully understood the lesson. After providing the students with plenty opportunities to play, talk, and manipulate materials before and after the lesson, they confirmed an excellent level of understanding of social skills, art skills, and social studies concepts. This lesson helps the students to develop a better understanding of how to be responsible in case of a fire emergency. They are more aware of the role of the firefighter in our community. They understand the importance of being responsible at home and at school. They know how valuable is to work as a team.

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