SWAT (Science with a Twist) at Tropical Elementary

SWAT (Science with a Twist) at Tropical Elementary School – October 20, 2011

The S.W.A.T. initiative, knows as Science with a Twist is an interactive learning program where students and parents come together to participate in a variety of hands-on-math and science activities.

As students and parents rotate throughout several stations, they are engage in fun-filled activities that challenge them to complete several math tasks, as well as, develop their critical thinking skills in science. In addition, to the hand-on activities, students and parents have an opportunity to watch demonstrations by karate experts, participate in forensics science with local crime scene investigators, converse with local meteorologist, and dialogue with aero-space specialists from Kennedy Space Center, all whom explain the science of their profession.

The impact of hosting a S.W.A.T. event is priceless because it generates parental interest, but offers students’ real life experiences, and encourages them to pursue future careers in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Special Thanks to:

Ms. Lesley Cochran Fletcher, Deputy Division Chief of Education – NASA

Officer Carol McKinnon and Officer Vandall Arderson-CSI Investigator Miami Dade Police Department

Ms. Barbara Biggart, The Parent Academy

S.W.A.T Creator: Ms. Glenda Moton – Miami-Dade County Mathematics/Science/Advanced Academics Curriculum Support Specialist

Tropical Elementary PTA

Tropical Elementary Activity Facilitators

Science Stations:

Building Structures

Candy DNA

Elephant Toothpaste


Paper Towel Test

Color Explosion


Sweet Observation

Word Problems

Number Detectives

(Information from flyer distributed at the school)



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