This is a B I G bubble….It’s a lot of fun and very easy to do!

Bubbles Mania


1.       Dish soup (Dawn works good)

2.       Glycerin (for strong Bubbles-You can get it in any Pharmacy)

3.       Water

4.       Plate

5.       Measuring Spoon

6.       Jar or any container 7. Straw

How to make the bubble solution:

Inside the container add: 1 cup of water/ 2 tsp. of soup/1 tsp. of glycerin (Let the solution sit for 24 hours)


Find a container to hold about 7.5 liters (2 gallons) of water.

Add 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap.

Mix the bubble solution gently with your hand. Keep the surface free of foam.

Dip the straw into the bubble solution. Be sure to immersed completely, so that all sides are covered. Gently lift the straw out of the bubble solution. You should have an exciting bubble!

Another idea!

Cut the bulb of the top of a graduated pipette. Now you have a perfect bubble blower!

Very gently blow into the bubble… what starts to happen? You get a bubble inside of a bubble! So cool!

How does it work?

Bubbles form because of the surface tension of water. Hydrogen atoms in one water molecule are attracted to oxygen atoms in other water molecules. They like each other so much, they cling together. The bubbles are round because the bubbles enclose the maximum volume of air in the minimum amount of bubble solution, so that’s why they are always round.

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