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I work at Tropical Elementary School in the Miami Dade County Public Schools System, teaching Pre-Kindergarten.

Tropical Elementary is dedicated to preparing its students to meet high standards and to become life-long independent learners. We strive to work collaboratively with our parents and community members as vital partners in the development of our students.


Tropical Elementary has received an “A” rating for the 2010 – 2011 school year making this our 4th consecutive year as being recognized by the Florida Department of Education for continually meeting high student standards.

My classroom is a Voluntary Prekindergarten Program (VPK), Title I (the school receives a feed support for the students) classroom which follows the High/Scope Curriculum, and the Houghton Miffing Program. The foundation of the High/Scope is that active learning is fundamental to the full development of the child’s potential in a setting that provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. This approach operates according to Piaget’s, “preoperational” stage of development. The High Scope learning environment classroom is divided into equipment that is labeled and well-organized Areas (art, book, toy, house, block, water and sand, and computer.). The content is provided by the High/Scope key experiences. These are a series of statements describing the cognitive, social, and physical development of the children. The role of the teacher is to create an environment and facilitate opportunities where students can recognize, support, and build on these experiences.

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