As a published author I have had the opportunity to do research that has enabled me to enrich my teaching practice engage my students, and advance their learning. My previous books called “Carteleras” (Bulletin Board) and “Navidad para Niños” (Christmas for Children) helped me to move toward this goal. Currently, I am working on a new project that is in the process of being revised and tested for publication. I have developed a Kit that contains pictures pertaining to different subjects, and each category has a different activity for the teacher to incorporate into the lesson. This Kit is a collection of 500 visual aids made of 43 different educational subjects for preschool. The materials are colorful, appropriate in size, and have clear themes.

This material has an important impact for my students because it enables me to find different ways to assist my students with their needs in reading, writing, math, and the understanding of new concepts. Working with students requires an extremely rich visual environment, and these types of visuals help them understand and visualize the information. At the same time, these visual are a tool I use to activate their prior knowledge while expanding their vocabulary and introducing new concepts.

These visuals are significant because these materials help young students to understand the concepts being taught in the classroom by helping them to advance their awareness more clearly in different areas. They engage, motivate, and impact the students’ learning by helping there further understand of each topic. They compare and contrast different types of characteristics between the pictures. They make choices, demonstrate initiative, and expand their desire for more information. Through the use of this kit my students are enriching their knowledge, they listen as I encourage them to think, understand, and learn new concepts every day.

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