Class Act Program

Class Act Program

My classroom was selected to be showcased in a film about the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK) in our public schools district. I was chosen for this film by the VPK District Supervisor following several visits to my classroom. The video was part of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS); “Class Act Program”, which is considered one of the Superintendent’s priorities by that time.  The film was viewed in the public television station, WLRN, which provides educational media services and support to the students, teachers and staff of our public school district. The purpose of the videotaping was to spotlight the importance of early childhood education in our community. This experience was significant because it allowed me to provide much-needed information about VPK education to all interested parties/stakeholders in a short, well-packaged, visual manner. The target audience was comprised of school personnel, parents and the community-at-large. This video allowed me to impact the knowledge base of new teachers by exposing them to developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, classroom environment and materials. In addition, experienced teachers were able to view a colleague implementing with examples of proven instructional strategies to use with English Language Learners (ELL) in a Title I (the school receives a federal support for the students) school setting. The video allowed me to share with the community, who would otherwise never see prekindergarten students in action, actually experiencing a real classroom through the images and sound captured in my classroom. This was significant and impacted my students because it gave them a meaningful opportunity to demonstrate to themselves and to the adults around them, build their self-esteem and how they interact and built positive relationships with adults in any situation. We had a lot of fun!


Lights, camera, action!


Students in action!
Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Miah, Mrs. Franky, Ms. Parker, and Dr. de la Cruz
WLPN Public Television, Channel 17

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