Shapes Around Us

There are different ideas of how to facilitate children to be familiar with shapes, name and form shapes. Here you can find some examples that you can use:

Making Shapes with children’s Bodies: It is a nice and funny activity to challenge children to make different shapes by using their own bodies on the floor. A complementary activity to this is to take pictures of their body shapes, and then put the pictures together to make a “Shape Book”.
























Shape Snack: During snack time we can reinforce the learning of shapes by having shape snacks of different shapes that students can name and recognize at the same time they are eating them. (Circle:  Oreo cookies. Triangle: tortilla chips. Rectangle: graham crackers Square: Crackers. Oval: Milano Cookies.








Coloring, painting, gluing different materials inside the Shapes: These are additional alternatives to show and teach the little ones how to recognize shapes.













Triangle with Tissue Paper














Cutting Shapes from Magazines

Shapes on my Back: Students can practice making shapes by drawing shapes and name them at the same time when they are drawing the shapes on each other’s backs with their fingers.

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