“Cool About Reading”

“Cool About Reading”

This is a “Cool” project to do in your classroom. This project includes parents and kids’ participation all the way to the end. It requires patience and even though   it is time consuming; it is a lot of fun and all involved will be able to create lots of memorable moments. Students will never forget their time reading inside their “Cool Igloo” and more importantly, it will motivate reading.

What a better way to motivate children to read that reading inside their own place! Inside their own Igloo!

We are planning to have it ready before our special event “Reading under the Stars”, in our school.  The only condition to jump in is to have a cool book to read, maybe wearing pajamas and a hot chocolate will be appropriated.

The only materials for the project beside your time are:

–          Empty clean one gallon jar containers. (Milk or juice works. At least 180 containers)

–          Glue gun with a lot of refills. A lot!

–          Clear tape to secure around the containers.

–          Big ruler for some measurements.

–          Large space to keep your “work in progress”

Additional benefits for the children:

  1. Students can help at the beginning of the project to sort and classify the containers by colors. They can keep counting from 1 to 180. Why not!
  2. They can learn about buildings. How people live in different places. Constructions and steps to follow in order to do it.
  3. Awareness of different materials used to build a home.
  4. Different types of clothes that we can use according with the weather or season.



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