Mrs. Wishy Washy

Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowlwy

Joy Cowley author of novels, short stories, it is known primarily for her children’s fiction, with Mrs. Wishy-Washy being her most famous character. Hameray Publishing Group offers an all-new collection of Joy Cowley works, specifically written for early readers. Thought this story all children learn, laugh and love the engaging characters and rhythm presented in the story.

Children love the story as they identify the farm animals and early readers love it because they can easily “read” it.

We read Mrs. Wishy Washy using Shared Big Book strategies; we discussed the sequence of the story, and discussed the sequence of the story events. After re-reading the story several times

The first day I brought to the classroom a scrub brush, soap, an apron and slippers. We talk about what these things are used for.

The Second Day: We had a picture walk, talked about each picture of the book, and made some predict about what the animals will do next. Then we read the book straight through

Third Day: Invite the children to join in the reading. Children listen for patterns of repeated words

Fourth Day: Together, plan a motion for each character (pig, caw, and duck) getting in the mud and for the Mrs. Wishy Washy appearance. During reading, the children do the motions.

Fifth Day: During Large Group Time we had a choral read together, and then act out the story. We used use masks for fun.

Using story props: These are the things we used to retell the story:  For Mrs. Whishy Washy some slippers, a bandana, an apron, and a blue dress; a plastic tub, a scrub brush, soap some animal’s mask for the duck and the cow and a soft toy pig.

We extend the Mrs. Whishy Washy story by also reading the other books containing her as a character.

Some Links for Mrs. Whishy Washy: Characters of the story.

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