Building – House Under Construction

Construction/ Let’s Build!

Construction is a very interesting theme for children.

Children seem to be interested to build things using their imagination. Sometimes children have common interest and they can learn from each other when they are building something together. This “team” work could be used as an opportunity to talk about some tools they may not be familiar with, how to make plans before to build a house, a castle, etc.; they can discourse about the materials they would like to use to build their house or castle. ; Wooden blocks, foam blocks, plastic block, even boxes can be used to build. Almost anything it’s good.

That’s why the construction theme is so great for young children! Through this theme they have plenty opportunities to learn many concepts. These are some significant concept that they can learn through this theme:

Math: Measure using objects as units. Example: Measuring Tape, leveler, etc.

Geometry: Shapes in construction. Shapes are everywhere in a construction site. Great opportunity to review them: roof=triangle, door, pool=rectangle, chimney=rectangular prism, barn=cylinder, wall=square, etc.

Science: Forces of Motion, Simple machines who make work easier in a construction site like wagon, wheelbarrow, ramp, crane, and pulley.

Vehicles/Transportation: Machines to work in a construction site. For example; dump truck, backhoe digger, crane, loader, excavator, steam shovel, steamroller, bulldozer, and mixer.

Social Studies: Individuals related to the topic. Specific people helping in a construction site with different jobs according with their field of expertise: Planner Brick Layer, Carpenter, Brick Layer, Digger, Driver.

Diverse Materials used in construction:  Cement, Pipes, Wires, and Paint.

Reading: Children can share books about construction sites, machines, tools and different kind of vehicles. Books related to construction: The Construction Alphabet by Jerry Pallotta, Construction Zone by Tana Hoban ,Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres by Tana Hoban, Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban, Jack’s House by Karen Magnuson Beil, Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming.

Music: There are many songs associated with the theme.

Art and Craft Activities: Children can create a community using a variety of art materials. Here are some examples of activities to use within this theme.

More ideas for construction go to:

Construction Coloring pages: : This is a great idea if you want to make a Dump Truck.  “Egg Carton Dump Truck”

This was a group work that last for several days. Our classroom started with the   recycling of several cardboard boxes from our school’s cafeteria, painting the house as certified painters, adding pipes and wires inside de house and even a chimney at the top of the roof! (Because of the book The 3 Little Pigs)  Finally, everyone took turns to sleep inside “our house” during nap time. a lot of Fun and learning…

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