Letter Ss

Alphabet Awareness

In combination with daily literacy activities, children need numerous opportunities to experience print in an exciting way, this is the way how they become familiar with the letters of the alphabet. Letter recognition and identification are necessary before letter-sound associations can be made.

In fact, knowledge of the alphabet, specifically letter naming, is one of the best predictors of early reading success (Adams, 1990). http://prekese.dadeschools.net/docs/teacherhandbook/S%20AlphabetKnowledge.pdf

These are some simple stages children should fallow in order to recognize letters:

  1. Sing ABC songs
  2. Recognize familiar letters
  3. Identify the letters
  4. Form the letters
  5. Letters associate with their sounds
  6. Sound-letter correspondences
  7. Introduce the letters of the alphabet
Letter of the week:  Ss


  1. Writing and recognition of capital and lower case letter, using students’ names, middle names and last names.
  2. Beginning Sounds: Learning about things that start with the sound of a specific letter. Students bring to the classroom a toy to share that begins with the letter of the week, as they will not be able to present their toy to the class unless it begins with the letter.
  3. By planning a variety of activities around the Letter of the week students are more aware of the letter and at the same time helps to incorporate other areas of knowledge into the knowledge experience. For the Letter Ss, we made Snow as part of our science project of the week. We counted and sorted Skittles in a chart. For the art and craft project we made paper plates’ Snakes. For Music & Movement Time, we learned the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. For Home Learning Project the students made head band with the shape of Stars. During Phonological Awareness each student brought from home a toy or object with the beginning sound of the letter /Ss/.
  4. For more ideas visit: http://www.dltk-teach.com/alphabuddies/letter-s.html

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