The Three Little Pigs Houses

The Three Little Pigs Art Activity

Building The Three Little Pigs Houses!

Materials and Procedures:

  1. Construction paper. Fold it in 3 equal parts.
  2. Six wooden sticks for each house ( Total 18 wooden sticks )
  3. Liquid glue
  4. Color paint: Yellow for the first house, brown for the second house, and red for the third house.
  5. Use a thin brush to color the wooden sticks.
  6. The roof: use the following materials for each house’s roof: raffia, little pieces of twigs, and little rocks.
  7. Main Characters of the story: Print pictures of pigs and a wolf from any website or ask the students to draw the characters by themselves and cut them out.
  8. Follow the sequence of the 20 pictures bellow. Have Fun!

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